Friday, June 3, 2016

Chapter 30

We are introduced to a committee meeting of people on yet another planet. This one is called Ardis and on it Talib Jamanour leads a discussion of the current condition of all the planets in the cluster. They discuss the growing influence of Kevutu over the rest of the planets. They seem concerned about the loss of independence throughout the different cultures living under the rule of Yaves III. Talib listens to all the reports and then decides that he needs to tell the Elders that it is time to take action.

A quote:

“So, we gather once again,” Talib said. None of the others responded nor did they look ready to begin any conversation with him. “OK, reports, please.” Still no one moved so Talib looked to the person on his left. “Why don’t we begin with you, Hector?”

Hector Caheleru sat in a long dark gray robe and searched out the faces of those around him. “I think most of you already know about what is happening on Kevutu. Not much has changed since the last cycle except to get worse. The population has exploded exponentially, their resources are nearly depleted, and poverty and suffering is rampant.”

“Yet the people take no initiative to improve their situation,” added Talib.

“Yaves III has tightened control beyond what any reasonable person might call tolerable through fear, intimidation, and the subtle manipulation of their corp idolizing religion. As you know the Supreme Magnate has set off a campaign of domination throughout the cluster. Their efforts have made it possible for their population to expand to other worlds where they dominate the people while extracting their resources.”

“Yes, we are all well aware of their intentions. Any signs that there may be a change in policy or circumstance?”

“None. They have been unimpeded so far and feel emboldened enough to continue on their goal of total occupation.”

Groans and whispers followed the words uttered by Hector. As representative of the planet of Kevutu, it was his responsibility to send agents to that planet and compile a report for this committee. His reports were rarely full of good news.

“Thank you, Hector,” said Talib. “Jakobe?”

Faces around the table turned their attention to the representative next in line around the table. A dark skinned man in an indigo colored robe sat calmly though not content. Like all the others in the room he sat wrapped fully in his cloak so that only his hands and face shown–neither of which possessed any hair.

“I can report nothing of much importance since our last meeting,” said Jakobe. His words were heavy both with cycles of concern behind them and with the focused and meticulous manner in which he formed his words. The Kevutians are in control of the Chotian people and their resources. What spirit they had in them to fight has either died out or been annulled through their religious education. We have documented for them the brief history of their first act of defiance, the first in the Cluster, so that it might not be eradicated by the Kevutians. The Chotians are insular people and are happy enough to cooperate if they are left alone. Many of them are satisfied with the arrangement.”

“I see,” said Talib. He lowered his head in thought. “It’s a strange twist of irony that the first planet to resist the occupiers is also the first to capitulate to their demands and the least dissatisfied with their treatment.”