Friday, July 24, 2015

The Shape of Aliens

Have you ever stopped to wonder why all those aliens in all those science fiction movies and television shows look so humanoid? Think back on all those episodes of Star Trek and all the creatures walking around in the bar on Tattoine in Star Wars. How many of them had two arms, two legs, and a head? How many even had slight variations on a mouth, a nose, eyes, and ears? In the vastness of the universe surely there would be more variations to living beings.

Think about our very own planet. How would you describe a spider or a jellyfish to someone who has never experienced one? Neither of those creatures looks anything like a human. Obviously only humanoids are capable of interstellar travel. I guess jellyfish have a tough time managing the steering wheel.

So, with all that ranting you would think that maybe I would do something different. I would break the habit of anthropomorphizing the universe. Onward with creativity and bizarre living beings. Well, no. The aliens encountered on the planet of Pa'Chot (as it shall be named) are humanoid. In fact, all my aliens are humanoid. They may differ in size and constitution, language, and culture, but they are essentially all human. Cop out? Lack of imagination? Maybe, but there is actually a reason for all of it but I can reveal no more. That will have to come in a chapter far far away.