Monday, March 21, 2016

Book Three Chapter 2 Overview

In Chapter Two, Erut, the soldier accused of stealing, escapes death by the hands of the maceoran (governor) of Myshka. Erut is helped by a local shopkeeper who bandages up the soldier's damaged hand. This is no insignificant thing because Erut is a Kevutian and the shopkeeper is a Myshkan. The Kevutians (residents of the planet of Pa'Kevutu) have invaded Pa'Myshka. The Kevutians are not known for their kind treatment of those who resist them. As you might imagine, there is no love lost between the two groups of people. Nevertheless, the shopkeeper decides to help the injured soldier but we are left to ask if it is in time because a group of soldiers searching for Erut appear at the door of the shop.