Monday, March 28, 2016

Book Three Chapter 5 Overview

Ony'a and her brother, Lagos, enter the main room where their father, Lagolen, is eating. He is a devout Yocugu, the religion of the people of Pa'Myshka. He is determined to fulfill his obligation to travel to Province One and pay honor to the main temple but the Kevutians have outlawed the practice. His children agree to accompany him but, before they can set out, a squad of Kevutian soldiers appear at their door demanding payment of the new state fees. Lagolen refuses to pay and ends in a scuffle with the three soldiers. Unknown to the soldiers, this family has been training to fight for some time having followed the old traditions of defending their province in ancient turf battles. The soldiers are easily defeated and Lagolen and his children decide to leave their home knowing they will not be able to return.