Monday, June 15, 2015

The Amish

I remember as a child growing up in Pennsylvania when we would drive out to the country. Sometimes we would see the Amish in their buggies as we passed by them in our noisy car. I wondered how the horses put up with our constant intrusions, much less the inhabitants of the buggy. Like a living museum piece they have to put up with our gawking and staring, or worse. All they want to do is live in peace they way they think they should. We cry about how our world of the almighty dollar is so void of spiritual connection yet we mock those that quietly go about their lives in accordance with their beliefs and in ways that do not require the earth to be ransacked in the process. How can this possibly be a focus for ridicule?

In Book Two, a new planet will be introduced with people that lead their lives similar to the Amish. I hope that in doing so I will honor their dedication and commitment and not mock them. They will provide a stark contrast to the Kevutians who are becoming increasingly chaotic in nature.