Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Book Three Chapter 6 Overview

Erut finds himself captured by three masked and dark clothed individuals who call themselves Sifuti. The Sifuti are rebels and saboteurs bent on making life for the occupying Kevutians challenging and inhospitable. They want to know why he is running away from his own fellow soldiers. Erut tells his story and claims that he was framed by another soldier then called to see the man in charge who is named Kotygal. The Sifuti want to know if Erut can be of any use to them. Erut doens't know how to answer the question and is unsure of his fate as the three masked people suit him up in a strange device and proceed to throw him over the edge of the narrow but deep chasm that runs through the center of their world. They call it simply The Gorge.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Book Three Chapter 5 Overview

Ony'a and her brother, Lagos, enter the main room where their father, Lagolen, is eating. He is a devout Yocugu, the religion of the people of Pa'Myshka. He is determined to fulfill his obligation to travel to Province One and pay honor to the main temple but the Kevutians have outlawed the practice. His children agree to accompany him but, before they can set out, a squad of Kevutian soldiers appear at their door demanding payment of the new state fees. Lagolen refuses to pay and ends in a scuffle with the three soldiers. Unknown to the soldiers, this family has been training to fight for some time having followed the old traditions of defending their province in ancient turf battles. The soldiers are easily defeated and Lagolen and his children decide to leave their home knowing they will not be able to return.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Book Three Chapter 4 Overview

Oyn'a is dreaming but her dreams are vivid. She sees her father leading a charge on an opposing band of provincial fighters. These were common battles for honor that took place before the Kevutian invasion. This time, however, there would be no honor on either side as she recalls in her dream the moment the Kevutians actually came to Pa'Myshka. She and her brother, Lagos, were but young children when it happened but the event is burned ino the consciousness of every Myshkan who witnessed it. Her father ran to save his children from the onslaught of foreign soldiers. Her brother wakes her up from her dream. We find out that she can sense the feelings of others and now she senses anger and fear in her brother.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Book Three Chapter 3 Overview

Erut, the errant Kevutian soldier escapes from the shop with the help of the shopkeeper who claims anyone running away from soldiers deserves to be aided. Erut finds himself in the marketplace and nearly gets caught again when the villagers attack him and a group of soldiers show up to find out what is going on. He escapes to the rice fields where he finds it disturbingly quiet until a band of freedom fighters called the Sifuti surprise him, put a hood over his head, and take him away.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Book Three Chapter 2 Overview

In Chapter Two, Erut, the soldier accused of stealing, escapes death by the hands of the maceoran (governor) of Myshka. Erut is helped by a local shopkeeper who bandages up the soldier's damaged hand. This is no insignificant thing because Erut is a Kevutian and the shopkeeper is a Myshkan. The Kevutians (residents of the planet of Pa'Kevutu) have invaded Pa'Myshka. The Kevutians are not known for their kind treatment of those who resist them. As you might imagine, there is no love lost between the two groups of people. Nevertheless, the shopkeeper decides to help the injured soldier but we are left to ask if it is in time because a group of soldiers searching for Erut appear at the door of the shop.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Book Three Chapter 1 overview

Chapter one begins with the introduction of Erut, a reluctant soldier from Kevutu currently stationed on the now invaded planet named Pa'Myshka. He is accused by his territorial leader (called the maceoran) of stealing from the new fees imposed on the Myshkans. He is nearly knifed but escapes when the maceoran becomes ill. Now he is on the run from his fellow soldiers.