Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Coast to Coast

Just returned from a business/pleasure trip to Las Vegas to deal with some issues concerning my father's estate. It was his disappearance over four years ago now that has given me a new appreciation for life and how limited it all is. Writing regularly is one of my great joys in life so I make sure that I spend a little time each day doing it as best I can. Even going on vacation didn't stop me from continuing to write.

Every morning I went to the same restaurant for breakfast. It had a nice bar that was perfect for setting up the iPad and clicking away. There were few people there in the mornings so the staff never seemed to mind me pounding away while I absorbed yet another cup of coffee. A couple of them even asked me what I was doing so, of course, I told them. One promised to purchase book I and read it.

So, now my book has reached from coast to coast. Ok, well, coast to desert.