Friday, April 1, 2016

Chapter 7 Overview

In Chapter Seven we meet Rhian who is a Kevutian soldier assigned to the infamous detention center. He is known for his singular excellence in just one talent–the ability to torture people from many different worlds while getting them to talk. In the occupied collection of planets the Kevutians call The Conglomerate, Rhian has found plenty of victims to aid him in refining his skills. We see him applying his craft to yet another unfortunate Myshkan. Rhian describes to him how the Kevutians are doing them a favor by bringing their superior culture to them. Instead of trying to obtain information about the ongoing attempts at sabotage and disruption by the Kevutians, Rhian seems more interested in discussing outlawed ritual practices much to the consternation of superior officer listening quietly in the shadows. Despite his best efforts Rhian seems unable to get the prisoner to repent and his determination leads to disastrous results.