Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chapter 15

Erut loses his grip while crossing the rickety rope bridge. He is saved by a safety rope and the efforts of Lagos. On the remaining trip across, Lagos explains to his friend Omin how his religion has been changed by the discussion by Erut. From the gorge, the small group of four make their way to a place called the Pivinia Plateau–a flat rock formation at the edge of the province below which is nestled the sanctuary. Erut attempts to trick one of the Kevutian soldiers surrounding the sanctuary but he only succeeds in distracting him long enough to be knocked out by Ony'a. The rescue team sneak into the sanctuary and talk to the person leading the revolt named Fok Lyrin. When they get in they find themselves surrounded by rebels with knives pointed at them.

An excerpt:

The view from the center of the gorge looking down was, literally, dizzying. Erut gasped at the vision of the gaping hole below him, lost his senses, and panicked. His foot slid off the center rope sending his body plunging into the chasm but his progress was stopped as fast as it had been started by the safety rope that caught him and jerked his body back up. Lagos had seen it coming so he had been able to brace himself for the impact, but Omin had his back to the scene and was caught off guard by the sudden jolt. Erut’s body yanked the rope on the right side causing ripples to flow through them all. Omin’s foot slid off the central rope and he was sent down in the same direction as Erut. His safety rope caught him as well and another round of jarring vibrations was sent through the ropes. Omin, being much heavier than Erut, sent more violent waves through the cordage. Lagos had, once, again, to deal with the repercussions and just managed to avoid slipping off the main rope for the second time. Everybody remained as they were until the ropes ceased moving. Lagos helped Erut get back on his feet, although it was difficult to maintain balance himself, as he lent a hand to the Kevutian. Omin managed to get back up on his own. Erut just kept chanting “I’m sorry.”

When everyone was back in position, Lagos spoke to Erut: “Now, you see? You’re not going to fall to your death. Just do as I say and we will all get across.”

Erut took his position again and found that familiar place on Omin’s back to send his concentration and fears.

Omin started walking along the ropes again but leaned his head to the side so that the others could hear him talk. “How many times are you going to save this puny fool’s life, Lagos? He’s just going to get us killed.”

Erut and Lagos followed him across while Lagos responded. “That’s where you’re wrong, Omin. He is the one who is going to save us.”

“I am?” Erut said as he started to turn his head, but thought it better just to keep it locked in a forward position.”

“Our little friend here brought us the words of The Cyclonus and I realized the truth of our own situation in those words. We are masters of our own destiny,” said Lagos.

“We are Yocugu, not a bunch of blindly compliant, um…. uh…” Omin said defiantly.

“Paraks?” Lagos said.

“Sounds more like "parasite" to me.”

“No, my friend Omin. We are more than Yocugu now.”

Omin said, “Lagos, what has happened to you?”

“Our path has been clearly set out before us, we just have been too blind to see it. Our Kevutian friend here has lifted the hood from our eyes.”