Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Book Three Chapter 6 Overview

Erut finds himself captured by three masked and dark clothed individuals who call themselves Sifuti. The Sifuti are rebels and saboteurs bent on making life for the occupying Kevutians challenging and inhospitable. They want to know why he is running away from his own fellow soldiers. Erut tells his story and claims that he was framed by another soldier then called to see the man in charge who is named Kotygal. The Sifuti want to know if Erut can be of any use to them. Erut doens't know how to answer the question and is unsure of his fate as the three masked people suit him up in a strange device and proceed to throw him over the edge of the narrow but deep chasm that runs through the center of their world. They call it simply The Gorge.