Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Instigated Revolution

In October of 1789, a group of 6,000 women (with some men dressed as women) organized themselves in Paris and marched their way to the king's palace in Versailles. They were motivated by hunger, food rationing, and high unemployment. An extravagant feast sponsored by the king just the night before had been the last straw for them and they wanted the king to know about their dissatisfaction. They were so angry, in fact, that they managed to capture the king and queen and brought them back to the prison in Paris. Shortly afterwards, the monarchs were beheaded.

This all sounds like a victory for grass-roots power and the need to overcome gross injustices but some historians do not believe the story is that simple or one-sided. The king's wealthy cousin, the Duke of Orleans may have had a hand in starting the revolution. The king actually kicked him out of the country for a time for talking bad about the royal family but the Duke returned. It has been reported that he was found amongst the rioting protesters egging them on. When the revolution had succeeded he made it known that he would be willing to step in as the new king, for the good of the people, of course. His ideas were not well received and he lost his head as well.

Political upheaval and revolutions are rarely simple exchanges between one class of people and their leaders. Usually there are a whole host of motivations and goals involved with a bevy of egos wrapped up behind them. Rarely is a revolution the consequence of only local politics. Many countries and interests become involved when a change of power is possible. This is true even now for many of the recent revolutions. If you think you know the simple story you are probably being deceived.

Revolution is afoot on the island of Kethix as well and deception is in the mix. The people are seeking negotiations with the ceorans for a more equitable way of life but the leaders of the dominant corporations are not likely to give in to a change of government so easily. In fact, they have made plans to instigate violence so that the people will look like the instigators. That way, the ceorans can claim that the revolutionaries are nothing but violent thugs and that their way of control is necessary to insure peace for all the people of the planet of Pa'Kevutu.