Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Review

Here is a recent review by another writer friend:

Ken Langer has written a delightful tale, “THE MILLERAN CLUSTER” Book I of the “Of Eternal Light” Series. Mr. Langer offers his readers an opportunity to visit the wonderful world of Pa Kevutu, a land for all ages of readers. The land of the Kevutians is a delightful place to escape the worries and vicissitudes of our own partisan existence, reminiscent of a visit to Hobbiton while weaving in a double mystery both of murder and also the origins of the inhabitants of this fabulously imaginative world.

Mr. Langer offers us a unique glimpse into our own world by showing us one created from his imagination. “When are we truly living and when are we just marking time? The difference has to be in the fullness of our experiences and the richness of our relationships.” – From THE MILLERAN CLUSTER by Kenneth P. Langer
I highly recommend this cerebral stroll through a strange land and wonderful land.