Monday, July 20, 2015

Charron's Mount in a Crater

The circle in red shows a mountain peak rising from within a crater on Pluto's moon Charron.

Peak in the Valley

The planetoid Vesta reportedly has a giant crater in its southern half that is quite large compared to the others on its surface. What makes this carter even more unusual is that a mountain peak rises from within it. When I read this I decided to use the same topography for the center of the inhabitants of the planet to be called Pa'Chot. The peaceful people that live there have covered over the crater part of the structure and have used to create an underground system of small cities. Going underground prevents the need for creating an artificial atmosphere above the surface and allows for greater temperature control. That's a good thing because this particular planet has great swings of temperature differences.

Imagine my surprise when a recent photo of Pluto's moon Charron displayed a similar topography. (See next post). It seems that that a mountain amidst a crater is not so impossible.

I say that the people of Pa'Chot are mostly peaceful. They have spent many thousands of years in their mountain waiting for the return of the people they call The Ancients. Unfortunately for them, it is not The Ancients that will soon be there. The Kevutians have discovered them instead.