Friday, June 19, 2015

The Arab Spring

The so-called revolution called the "Arab Spring" began on December 18, 2010 when Moumad Bouazizi immolated himself in a central square in the country of Tunisia. The people were so shocked by this event that they demanded change from their government and, through persistence and anger, eventually were able to make significant changes. The people from other nearby Arab countries were inspired by their actions and took it upon themselves to begin their own revolutions. Some were more successful than others and the conflict in Syria reflects the ongoing consequences of these attempts at regime changes.

What was so impressive to me was that the act of one single person helped spark changes greater than even he could imagine. We often feel so helpless in the face of large corporations and massive government bureaucracies but, sometimes, the actions of a single person can inspire action from others. Note that is often actions and not words that are the greatest motivation.

The corps of Pa'Kevutu are even more menacing and manipulative in the lives of the people of the planet since rapid and unbridled growth has been allowed and encouraged as it has in Book 2. The act of one brave individual may change all of it and a struggle between the people of the planet versus the controlling business structures ensues.